Covenant Love: Introducing The Biblical Worldview

by David Scott

by Scott Hahn and David Scott
St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology



“Covenant” is the master concept that unlocks the meaning of the Bible. The Bible tells the story of God the Father’s love for His children and His plan to fashion all people into one holy family. God unfolds this plan of salvation through a series of covenants, culminating in the New Covenant He makes in Jesus.

In this course, we look at God’s covenant plan. We study the five key covenants God makes in the Old Testament in order to see how they are fulfilled in Jesus and the Church. The goal is to enable students to understand the crucial significance of the covenant concept for interpreting the Bible and for understanding God’s fatherly plan.


  1. To learn the importance of God’s covenants for understanding and interpreting the Bible.
  2. To understand the difference between the biblical idea of “covenant” and modern notions of “contract.”
  3. To learn the five key covenants of the Old Testament, be able to locate them in the Bible, and understand how they are fulfilled in Jesus and the Catholic Church.


71nKk7apBOL-2The primary text will be the Bible. And each lesson will provide links to biblical passages cited. In addition, the instructors recommend Scott Hahn’s A Father Who Keeps His Promises, which covers much of the material to be studied in this course.