The Love That Made Mother Teresa

by David Scott

Mother Theresa

You know my God. My God is called love. —Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was among the most familiar faces of the 20th century — the first saint whose life–story was told in coffee–table books.

Yet if a picture tells a thousand words, it worked the opposite with Mother Teresa. We all know what she looked like. But we know next to nothing about her. What was her childhood like? What were her joys and sorrows? What was the meaning of her life’s work? Meet the real Mother Teresa.

The Love That Made Mother Teresa is the first book to have access to long-secret letters written by Mother Teresa—letters she had once asked be destroyed. Disclosed for the first time during the Vatican’s sainthood process, these letters detail her dramatic visions of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and the dark anguish of her private life.

In The Love That Made Mother Teresa, David Scott gives us a window into the soul of a complex contemporary woman who became the conscience of the world. Learn the secrets of her faith—the faith that enabled her to see the face of God in the poor, the faith that helped her to live life beautifully, transforming every moment into an opportunity for love.

You and I have been created for greater things. We have not been created to just pass through this life without aim. And that greater aim is to love and be loved. —Mother Teresa

Praise for The Love That Made Mother Teresa

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“This fine little book represents something of a new way of writing about the saints. It’s part biography, part spiritual reading of our times. My prayer is that this book will help us to grow in our appreciation of this amazing woman of God. May her life inspire us to love as she loved — making our lives something beautiful that we offer to God. —Most Reverend José H. Gomez Archbishop of Los Angeles 

“Mother Teresa was one of the most intensely profiled celebrities of the last century. Yet you can read all the coverage and still not see the woman as she was. David Scott’s book, more than any other, shows us the saint and her significance. A Revolution of Love belongs in the hands of everyone who loves this most beloved of modern women.” —Dr. Scott Hahn, author of the best-seller, The Lamb’s Supper

“Dares to ask some bold questions … In simple yet poetic prose, he … skillfully and seamlessly guides the reader through an impressive array of topics … Scott should be applauded for … adding to the intrigue of an important modern religious figure.” –Publishers Weekly

“During Mother Teresa’s 2003 beatification, personal letters were uncovered that gave new insight into the real woman behind the sentimental stereotype. This book is the first one to boldly question her life in light of those revelations. . . .Using short devotional-like chapters, Mr. Scott guides the reader through Mother Teresa’s life but also includes an array of topics, such as the ins and outs of sainthood (especially helpful to non–Catholics). Though Mr. Scott helps us to see the human side of Mother Teresa, he also shows us a saint perfectly matched for our times.” —Dallas Morning News

This sensitively written reflection on the life of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta  … beautifully expounds on Mother Teresa’s human dimension as the substrata of her sanctity. The book is abundant with short, poignant lessons both learned and taught by Mother Teresa over her lifetime … Scott adeptly takes this most familiar and recognized woman of the 20th century and reveals the secrets of her sanctity as well as ours. Recommended for larger public libraries seeking information on Mother Teresa and contemporary sanctity.” —Library Journal

“At a time when we savor Mother Teresa’s influence on our world, David Scott offers a comprehensive and grand view of her vocation, her teaching and her heritage in Christ. He also provides a worthy exploration into the make-up of holiness.” —Lucinda Vardey, editor and compiler of the best-seller, A Simple Path

“Brilliant, clear-eyed, and concise … For the first time we are given significant insight into the inner-struggles that produced the outer-triumph of this icon of modern holiness we know as Mother Teresa.” —Matthew Kelly, author of Rediscovering Catholicism

“This is the book the world needs now. This book is the first true interpretation of Mother Teresa’s life and it is a vivid and delightfully readable biography for those who wish to imitate her in some way—and that should mean every living Christian.” —Mike Aquilina, author of  The Fathers of the Church